Gidea Park & Romford Cricket Club - Expectations


We expect our members and their families to behave in a reasonable and sociable way towards their peers, our coaching staff and other youth and adult members. We also expect all children and parents to train/play and support within the spirit of cricket.

When joining GP&RCC we expect members to behave within the GP&RCC Code of Conduct – which is available to view on the web site.

Please take the time to review the Code of Conduct carefully with your child so you can help enact it.

Likewise, everyone who has any responsibility for youth cricket in any way at our club is expected to respect individuals and conduct himself or herself appropriately. 

All coaches work within the Coaches Code of Conduct.  In line with ECB policy, all coaches will hold a valid CRB / DBS check, and we aim that they will also have First Aid certificate(s) and they will be trained in the safeguarding and protection of children. 

Other members of the club who have regular contact with youth members will also hold a valid CRB / DBS check.

Parents/guardians are asked to ensure that coaches are made aware of any medical condition which might affect their child’s performance or which might require specific attention (e.g. asthma), or of any injury which may prevent a child from taking part in elements of coaching (e.g. sprained ankle) before coaching sessions or matches.

Parents of children under the age of 15 must stay on site with their child during matches and training or nominate a responsible adult, informing the coach or manager of this arrangement.

When playing in matches children must wear cricket whites.  Club kit can be purchased from the club.

The social aspect to our club is very important to us as profits from the bar are an important contribution to club funds.  There are a range of social activities held throughout the year to raise money for club funds. Please check the website for details.

The club facilities are available to all members of the club and this extends to the nets.

The nets need to be treated with care as they represent a large investment and full safety equipment should be used at all times.  

  • Children must not be in the nets unaccompanied – parents must not use the nets, unless they are with a coach or manager.

  • Spikes must not be worn in the nets

There are rules for when using the nets:-

  • When using the nets outside club training times GP&RCC take no responsibility for your safety

  • Coaches have first call on the lanes – if they arrive and want to coach you must vacate the net

  • An ECB coach qualified to at least level 1 should be in attendance for hard ball practice.

If you are unsure please do not hesitate to speak to a member of the committee, Coach or Team Manager.