Gidea Park & Romford Cricket Club - Volunteering

Helpful spectating

During matches parental assistance with scoring (someone can show you how to do it!), preparing the boundaries / scoreboard and supporting the provision of drinks / snacks for the players is greatly appreciated.

Parents of the teams arrange responsibilities for drinks and snacks for home games, and our clubhouse kitchen facilities are available.

Friday evening support

We frequently need volunteers on Friday evenings to assist with running the Colts training and hosting the BBQ. 

Please offer your support via your Team Manager or any member of the Colts committee if you are able to assist in any capacity.   

We always welcome additional help in running our junior coaching and junior matches. Coaching assistants (who will be supervised by qualified coaches) do not need to be qualified ECB coaches in the first instance. However, we would support those wishing to gain qualifications through the ECB coaching courses available.  

Anyone helping with junior coaching must receive Criminal Records Bureau clearance – this is straightforward and the Club’s Child Welfare Officer or Team Mangers can give advice on this.