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04 Apr 2016 : 2017 Sponsorship Opportunities

This message is going to everyone associated with Gidea Park & Romford Cricket Club. If you are a colt receiving this message please pass it on to your parents.

We are currently seeking new sponsorship opportunities for the upcoming 2017 season with local businesses in our area. As Club members I would request you to assist and ask the question within your own friends, family and place of work.

For everyone who has already pledged money or has donated, thank you, for those that haven’t, this email is for you.

As a club we need funds in order to keep up the running of our facilities and to updgrade our facilities. A simple request to marketing departments or your boss is a small step that can make a big difference to our club. Sponsorship opportunities start from as little as £50 and increase depending on what the requirement is. We offer advertising on our website or in our fixture book but we also offer shirt sponsorship, sightscreen sponsorship and boundary advertising sponsorship boards to name but a few opportunities available.

We would love to hear back from as many as possible who’s company, business or organisation can help with sponsorship.

Please email Tim Phillips (Treasurer) or Luke Baker (Chairman) for any further information regarding sponsorship opportunities.


Luke Baker