Gidea Park & Romford Cricket Club - COVID-19 2021 Update

Matches and training during COVID-19: Guidance for Participants, Officials and Spectators

Important Guidelines: last update - 24 April 2021

We are currently at Step 2

Please note: Spectators are not permitted in any outdoor sport facility at Step 2.

This does not apply to carers for people with disabilities, or adults needed to supervise under-18s in a safeguarding role. Where it is necessary for them to be present, supervising adults should not mix with others from outside their household or support bubble.


Please read the important guidance below.

If at any point anyone in your household is experiencing symptoms or has experienced symptoms (whether confirmed or not as COVID-19) in the past 14 days, please DO NOT attend training or a match. Anyone who has been asked to self-isolate via NHS Test and Trace must not attend. If this is the case, please contact your Captain or Junior Manager.

All quarantine periods - whether due to symptoms or to returning from international travel - must be adhered to.

All participants should be aware of the increase in transmission risk associated with partaking in even socially distanced group activity. Participants should understand that they are opting to participate in cricket activity, which is not risk free.

Car sharing is not permitted with someone from outside your household or your support bubble unless your journey is undertaken for an exempt reason. Sport and physical activity is not an exempt reason, so you cannot car share for sport and physical activity.


  • Wash hands and sanitise before arriving at the match

  • No changing rooms are available-all players and officials must turn up changed ready to play.

  • Kit bags etc. should be left in an outside area.

  • Hand sanitiser to be carried by all players/officials at all times.

  • No sharing of any equipment.


  • Hygiene breaks-every 6 overs/20 mins. Fielding captain to carry a sanitised cloth and it is their responsibility to complete this. Fielders and umpires to also sanitise their hands with their own sanitiser at this point.

  • No sweat/saliva on the ball, no spitting or rinsing of the mouth.

  • Players to be socially distanced at all times.

  • No “high-fives” or congratulatory contact.

  • Ball goes straight back to the bowler - it should not be passed around the field.

  • Bats should be sanitised after the batsman’s innings.

  • Wicket-keeping gloves should be sanitised after each innings.

  • Umpire only remakes the wicket - no-one else.

  • Clothing and personal equipment is not to be handed to the umpire.

  • On-field social distancing: 2 metres at all times apart from 1 metre plus with wicket-keeper standing up and slip fielders.

  • If it rains go and sit in cars unless sufficient amount of socially distanced cover to go under.

  • No food to be provided-players and officials to bring their own food and drink consumed in the match i.e. drinks breaks-players will drink from their own bottles only.


  • Score boxes/table to be used for 1 scorer only. Other scorer to sit outside socially distanced. No shared score book/laptop/iPad etc.

  • Scorers should hold no personal items for the players and players should not be in the score-box or operate the portable scoreboard.

  • Do not rotate or introduce new scorers during the match.


  • Umpires will call “time” for the hygiene breaks.

  • Umpires not to carry any personal equipment eg hats/sweaters/sunglasses. These should all to be left on the boundary.

  • Umpire to have as little contact with the ball as possible. Place ball at base of stumps during a break/fall of wicket.

  • Umpires should come from within the 30 person limit for the match.

SPECTATORS - Not currently permitted in Step 2

  • The home Club will outline specific areas for officials, players/coaches, spectators.

  • Spectators should remain socially distanced at all times

  • Spectators should have no contact with the ball - please don’t pick it up and return it to the field of play.

  • Spectator groups must be restricted to discrete six person gathering limits and spread out, in line with wider UK Government guidance.

  • Spectators should not enter the areas for players/coaches/officials at any time.

  • Please pick up any litter and take it home/dispose of it in the bins.


  • All participants should sanitise their hands after the completion of activity.

  • Participants should exit whilst maintaining social distancing.

  • Social gathering after the activity will be allowed in line with current UK Government guidelines on hospitality and social distancing must be maintained.

  • One Club representative/volunteer should be responsible for collecting and disinfecting any shared equipment.

Our latest COVID-19 Risk Assessment can be found by this link
GPRCC COVID-19 Risk Assessment

This checklist is adapted from the full ECB Guidance, which can be explored via these links:

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