Jack Petchey Awards

Jack Petchey Awards

The Jack Petchey Foundation was established by the successful East London entrepreneur, Jack Petchey, in 1999. It is a young, progressive grant making Trust based in Essex. It is now among the largest and most influential London charitable foundations. It focuses on projects and programmes that benefit 11-25 year olds.  The main area of operation is the London boroughs and Essex, where it currently operates in 1600 secondary schools and clubs. The Foundation has given over £60 million since 1999. Gidea Park & Romford CC is grateful for the Foundation's continued support, find out more about the Jack Petchey Foundation here.

GP&R CC selects nine young people a year to receive an Jack Petchey Achievement Award. The winners receive a framed certificate and a cheque for £200 (payable to the club) to be spent on a club project of the recipient’s choice.

In addition the club presents an annual Leader Award worth £1000 for a club project to an adult who has demonstrated, in an outstanding way, an ability to encourage and motivate our young cricketers.

GP&R CC members can nominate young people to receive an Achievement or a club member for a Leader Award. Click on the following link to print a nomination form which can then be posted in the Jack Petchey nomination box at the club.

Jack Petchey Nomination Form.doc

Jack Petchey Achievement Award Winners


 January  Sam Davies  April  Daniel Long  September 
 Lauren Earle       
 February  Jamie Skeels 
 May  Michael Pegram    October  Matthew Creevy  
 March  Ahmad Wain  June  James Pegram  November  Chris McKie


 January  Waleed Wain     April  Jakk Carver  July  Alex Hardy  October  Charlie Kiernan
 February  Simon Trowse       May  Tom Stephen    August  Oliver Shepherd  November  Chris Swainland
 March  Harry Thompson  June  Fahad Masood  September  Aaron Hughes         December  Matt Sutton

 Leader Award   Claire Brett        


 January-March  Sam Hewitt  July-September  Tommy Glanville 
 April-June  Elliot Skinner     October-December  Harry Gray


 January-March  Lloyd Renvoise  July-September  Edward Gavigan  
 April-June  Joe Thompson  October-December  Connor Halsey

 Leader Award  Win D'Cruz        


 January  Mark D'Cruz     April  Andrew Jones  July  Jack Kliber  October  Matthew Birtles
 February  Adam McKie       May  Matthew Peacock    August  David Brett  November  Kabir Matwala
 March  David Brett  June  Charlie Hassell  September  Chris Lamb         December  Stephen Gallagher

 Leader Award  Les Hall               


 July   Andy D'Cruz  October  Craig Bray
 August  Peter Collier  November  Matt Tarr
 September  Tommy Kershaw      December  Matthew Brett